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Welcome to Plug In Illinois®, the Official Electric Choice Website of the Illinois Commerce Commission. Here you can learn about electric competition in Illinois and find out how to choose a supplier. Even if you are not interested in choosing a different supplier at the moment, you can learn more about your utility rate, find out what real-time electricity pricing is and learn about additional ways to conserve energy, regardless of who you choose as your electric supplier.

Thinking about switching suppliers? Read Electric Choice Basics

Notice: On March 18, 2020 an Emergency Order was passed ordering the cease and desist of all in-person solicitation by ARES and AGS in response to the current global epidemic and the public health emergency in Illinois. If you have any questions, please contact our Consumer Services Department at 1-800-524-0795.

Price to Compare

Find out how to compare the utility's supply price to offers from retail electric suppliers

Understanding the Utility's Electric Supply Price

Electric Choice FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about electric choice and the process of switching electric suppliers.